Certificated products

Together with innovation, we like Quality a lot. Thanks also to the experience acquired through our relationship with certified customers for some time, all production is followed by a system that ensures the quality and conformity of the product to the customer’s requests.

Satisfying customers by providing them with compliant products, respecting delivery times and ensuring control of the entire production chain is our priority.

With this objective we present ourselves to our customers every day, thanks to a positive approach from all the company’s staff. Our ISO 9001 CERTIFIED quality system is the starting point on which to build solid relationships with customers. All the process phases are managed with the help of a management system and controlled by a modern O.S.L./GP90 production management software, which thanks to the production scheduling and the management of all production phases allows us to respond to the needs of flexibility required by the market today.

Continuous improvement

The quality system is applied in all phases, from purchases to the shipment of finished products.

All our suppliers are certified by us and have been collaborating with us for several years, ensuring that the partnership is solid and based on maximum transparency and collaboration. Always with a view to maximum customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is achieved with constant commitment to continuous improvement.

For this reason, all our staff are actively involved in this process. And this allows us to assist our clients in overcoming the challenges they face on a daily basis in a highly competitive global market.

If requested by customers, we also guarantee the issue of Test Certificates.


We also have a metrology room in an air-conditioned environment (20 +/- 1°C) which contains the following technologies: